Social Derby is led by the CEO & Founder of Matte Black, Chelsea Matthews. Matte Black is a culture-marketing firm based in Los Angeles that believes in crafting experiences, campaigns & content that creatively and strategically drive brand awareness, evangelism and advocacy both on and offline. Inspired by the visual, the team at Matte Black thrives on their cultural surroundings - in the trends that move the needle forward, and the digital undercurrent that drives brand credibility - and use such influence to develop innovation brand & social strategies.

Chelsea has been in social media marketing for over three years, and has spoke at such conferences as Internet Week, Social Media Week and Swim Lessons. Some of her clients in include POOLTRADESHOW, VW, TOMS, Fi3, Goldfaden MD, Native Union & more.

She was recognized as a 'Tastemaker To Know' in the DELL #Inspired100 campaign, and has been spotlighted in FOAM Magazine, Apartment Therapy and on YouTube's The Stylish.